School Days Again
1 Sep 2003
One week ago today, Carter, Sara, and Zane began Kindergarten.
This is an important date, no doubt. However, I think it seems like it means much more to mothers than to fathers.

Jill kept chastising me last week for not reacting the same way she did--a mixture of dread and melancholy the beginning of Kindergarten. Well, I feel the passage of time everyday also. Almost everyday I recognize the amount of opportunities which have been lost and kick myself for my failure to live in the NOW and appreciate the beautiful moments as they pass.... But, tomorrow, tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, the sun will shine...blah blah blah...whatever.

Several of my friends are going through the same thing these days.

One asked if Jill was a sobbing puddle of goo and whether we had a substantial stock of tissues for the beginning of school. One of my co-workers has moped around for three weeks since her youngest child began Kindergarten. I don't begrudge anyone any sentimentality they want to indulge in, but It's impossible for me to feel wistful over things that I'm not wistful about.

All I can really focus on is the current level of disruption to the sacred "schedule." The beginning of something new means the dissolution of something old and change is always bad. If not bad,
then certainly it is an extra difficulty and I don't need no more of that.

The beginning of the school year brings yet another round of parent orientations where earnest and somewhat intimidating teachers proclaim with overly earnest seriousness the reading is Vitally Important to child; TV is bad; that nutritional food is of vital importance to children and nutritional food which contains a minimum of rat poison is also of vital importance to the development of the child.

Is this info anything less that obvious to any one but me? Ok, I admit it took several court appearances before I finally got that rat poison one, but other than that...

Well, I continue to go to these things and continue to match the earnestness and enthusiasm for the banal and overstated message of the teachers because I am, as always, committed.

Phrase of the Month.

Sara and the Boys were playing "detective." She had Carter acting the part of the "butt hound." I asked Sara what a "butt hound" is and she informed me that it is a dog who "finds things." She repeated it to Jill who informed her that detectives used Blood hounds. Sara thought that sounded crazy andasked why a Blood Hound was called a "Blood Hound" and I couldn't explain that either. In fact, Butt Hound makes more sense if you think about it.
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