Kids say the darndest things
26 Aug 2003
Here are some of the beautiful words heard coming out of our children's mouths lately.

You have a big nose (To our church's preacher, during church).

Are you going to have a baby? (A popular question...)

Are you an old lady? (To my mother--their Nana.)

What happened to all your hair? (To every bald man they meet--often shortly after removing the bald person's hat and rubbing
their head)

How do you explain tact to a 4 year old? You can't. But, perhaps,
you can teach the child to aim tactless comments more effectively.

Of course, I'm not sure having children who speak like Don Rickles is such a great idea either.

On a similar note, they have picked up the British use of the word "bum" which is so much nicer sounding than the myriad words it has replaced.

It's actually kind of cute. Now if I can only get them to say, "you have a big bum" to people I don't like.
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