The Leisure Gods Visit The Raines Home
1 Jul 2008
This past Saturday, the leisure gods visited Jill and I and deposited a totally unexpected and here-to-for unknown gift upon us.

Zane and Jesse were away for the weekend visiting our Tulsa people (Uncle Mike, Aunt Dede and Uncle Ruck, and Nana) so we had two fewer people in the house. That's a welcome change of pace for everybody.

Then, totally out of the blue, Saturday afternoon, Carter and Sara both got sleepover invitations.

As a result of this unexpected turn of eventsÖ.[cue dramatic music]Ö.WE HAD ALMOST 24 HOURS WITHOUT CHILDREN.

It was the first time since C, S, & Zís birth that weíd ever had a house completely empty of children.

Let that sink in a minute and see if you can fathom the enourmity of this event.

To be honest, it was a confusing sensation not unlike getting Nitrous Oxide at the dentist. Itís pleasant and has tinges of euphoria, but at the same time, you canít quite forget that your head is being modified with power tools by somebody you hope has good personal hygiene and is sober.

Typically, after a few hours, I missed the kids and was eager to have them back. How stupid is that?

Kelly @ 14:49 |
1 Jul 2008

Ok, hereís my declaration. Jillís been critiquing me for years that this blog is too much about me.

With that in mind, let me clarify something--THIS BLOG IS ABOUT ME. It is the story of my adventures as a parent of multiples plus one.

It is particularly important to get this statement made right now because the children are now all getting old enough that I have to be really careful writing about them. Aside from wanting to be sensitive to not embarrass them, they occasionally read these pages and because of that, I have to be more sensitive that my snarky words do not hurt their tender feelings.

Iím not being snarky about them having tender feelings which I want to be sensitive to. Theyíre still children, after all. I donít want them to have calloused and cynical perspectives just yet. Iíd be happy if it takes a few more decades before their innocence and childlike optimism is completely beat out of them by THE MAN.

Itís not entirely because of these sensitivities that Iíve posted fewer and fewer comments here. Iím also lazy and just canít muster the energy to connect my brain and fingers together long enough to type anything or form words or thoughts orÖyou know...that stuff I was wanting to talk about but forgot before I could type it.

Kelly @ 14:45 |