The Potty Is Power & Other Milestones
3 Jun 2004
The kids just graduated from Kindergarten which is no small accomplishment.

Jesse has just graduated from diapers. This is also no small accomplishment. In fact of the two, I'd say the diapers is bigger than the Kindergarten. It is, for me at least, the more important of the two accomplishements. Jill and I are, with the exception of far into the future grandchildren, done with changing diapers.

We are now into the post terrible twos pre-preschool doldrums. Jess is beyond the mere irrational fits of toddler rage that so define the terrible twos. He's now at the stage I like to think of as the "detainee threes." At this stage, a child begins to flex surprisingly muscular ability to bend the environment to his will. Behaviors symptomatic of this are:

1. Fake crying calculated to manipulate whomever into doing whatever.
2. Potty Flip Flop: claiming to need to potty whenever it is time to do anything else you want him to do. Lets face it, when you are potty training, the world turns on the child's decision to cooperate or not. Shortly after the child tires of the praise and bribes you use to get them interested in not soiling themselves, they learn extortion. If you need them to go somewhere--I need to potty; do something they don't want to do--I need to potty, go to bed--I need to potty; stay in bed--I need to potty.
3. Potty Standoff: this is a variation on the Potty Flip Flop. If you are in a hurry and they are on the potty, they will stay on the potty until they can guarrantee that you will be late, burn dinner, or wet your pants because you really, really, need to go.
4. Unchecked aggression: By age three, a child also learns a McGiveresque ability to turn any object into a deadly weapon. If the child has siblings, the child will hone these techniques to a fine are and in the process secure his ability to disrupt every waking minute with sibling warefare.

There's more but I'm tired for now.
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