Jesse, and everything else.
26 May 2003
I was just looking at Jesse's baby pictures and was amazed at how tiny babies are.

He's not tiny anymore.

Jill and I just went on a weekend trip to a cousin of her's wedding and I saw a gaggilion newborn babies in various airports and other places.


Don't think for a minute that I want anymore newborn babies in this house.

Actually, that's not true. Newborn babies are always welcome in our house--as guests.

Still, it is hard to not see a tiny little baby and not remember how sweet it was to rock the children to sleep when they were tiny and that now they are too old for that.


Then I remember how wonderful an uninterupted night's sleep is and I decide that if I have to wait a while to hold another newborn babe...then I can wait.

Sara Non-linear Story Telling

Last night I was summoned upstairs by Sara's persistant yelling. This isn't unusual for her as she always needs to do something one more time before she will settle in for the night.

When I opened the door to ask what she needed, here's what transpired:

SARA: Actually, um, I need to tell you that, actually, um, once when we were really really little we went the the Omniplex and we saw some really really scary black spiders that could bite you and make you dead and you should never ever do near scary black spiders so they could scare you or bite you.

ME: "What do you need, sweetheart?"

SARA: Actually, um, I need to tell you that the black spiders are, um, really scary and...

Me: Sara, what do you need?"

SARA: Actually, I need to tell you that I don't want the black spiders to bite me and kill me,

ME: Sara, what were you yelling for?

SARA: Actually, the black spiders are scary and..

ME: SARA. What do you want?

SARA: I need to go to the Potty.
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