Black Walnut and For Which It Stands
26 Apr 2003
I may have discovered the key to the world's problems. My good
friend and fellow guitar lover Tim Good and I were discussing guitar woods the other day and he mentioned his affection for Black Walnut. I agreed with him and then he mentioned how it is relatively scarce because of it's use in rifle stocks.

This made me think of the semi-famous quote by former Senator Phil Gramm where he said "I have more guns than I need, but fewer than I want." Well, just replace the word "guitars" for "guns," divert all the world's black walnut supply for guitar making and violasoon people would be writing books like "More Guitars, Less Crime" and I will proudly step up and purchase a lifetime membership in the National Guitar Association. "You'll take my Telecaster when you pry it from my COLD DEAD HANDS

Well, I'll admit this just might not be how it would all work out but I'll take a guitar over a gun any day of the millennia and the sound of Asus (God's own guitar chord) over the sound of a gunshot.

If nothing else, the world would sound better and that's got to be an improvement.

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