Girls Against Boys
1 Mar 2003
Posted Saturday, 2/1/2003-9:01:03 PM

Well, freinds. The war has begun.

This week, Sara, of her own free will and without assistance from anyone save Jill who answered spelling questions, created and posted a sign reading "No Boys Allowed" on her bedroom door.

On the other side it reads, "Boys Allowed."

I'm not sure what all this means, but it means something big and significant.

I suppose It should be some consolation that a few days later, Sara made the boys a sign for their room which said "No Girls Allowed."

Despite her desire for gender warfare, she has retained the egalatarian spirit I've tried to teach her and in that I suppose I will remain greatfull.
I also know that it is just a matter of time before Sara figures out that Daddy is also a Boy.

Until then, I'll be happy to be admited to the Sanctum Sanctorum of her room when no other male is allowed.

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