Christmas 2002
25 Dec 2002

Seasons Greetings!
Posted Monday, 1/6/2003-9:01:03 PM

Christmas 2002 finds the Raines family holding steady at 2 adults and 4 children, all of whom are doing pretty OK.

We've had a good year. Jesse started mother's day out; and Carter, Sara, and Zane started pre-kindergarten this year, a continuing source of pride for us. In our first parent-teacher conference, the children's teacher (the long-suffering Mrs. Bowlware) noted how advanced the children's language skills are: " Your children are much louder than most" -- to which we replied," What?"

All the children continue to amaze and inspire everyone they encounter with their energy, intelligence, and joire de voire. We'd like to share with you a sampling of this year's proud moments.

Carter learned that although people are mostly alike, we all have differences that make us unique.

Preacher, in church: Good morning, Children. Today, we're going to talk about honesty. Do you know what honesty is?

Carter: You have a big nose.

Preacher: I've been told that.

Carter: You have a big nose, and you need to blow it.

Sara’s beauty has grown more and more, as has her sense of modesty:

Carter: Go away. I don't like you anymore.
Zane: I don't like you anymore, either.
Sara: Yes, you do, because I'm the princess and everybody
loves the princess.

Zane has proven to be a natural leader and is often first in his class.

Zane: Momma, I got a time out at school today, and I don't know why.
Jill: What happened?
Zane: Well, we were doing the Hokey Pokey, and I put my whole self in... (Shaking head, eyes down) It wasn't time for my whole self.

Jesse, at not even 2 years old, has mastered a fine sense of aesthetics, especially in matters of taste:

Teacher: Jesse doesn't like Goldfish.
Grandmommy: Really?
Teacher: At snack time today, we gave him his goldfish. He yelled, Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnno!, threw them on the floor, and jumped up and down on them.
Grandmommy: Should we send animal crackers?

We hope your year has been filled with happy, proud moments as well and that your holiday season is happy, safe, and joyous.

We also send a special holiday greeting to the brave nurses and doctors who will spend the holidays working in neonatal intensive care units. NICU professionals work miracles every day, and our children are constant reminders of this and, each Christmas, our greatest gifts.

Happy Holidays! Kelly, Jill, Carter, Sara, Zane, and Jesse
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